Music​-​Hearted (2014)

by Alex Lynch

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released May 27, 2014




Alex Lynch Russian Federation

Alex Lynch (aka Allusions of Lynch) is a solo acoustic / indie rock / folk / electronic project by Alex Lynch, a Russian singer-songwriter (known for such rock/metal bands as 7 Dot Dice, One Glimpse Away, and Stemfade).
So far, Alex has released 6 studio LPs and EPs, and had several tours around Russia and Europe.
Now, Alex is working on his 7th studio album which is due to be out September 2014.
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Track Name: Make This Count
Could I forget just who I am?
The worst example of a man
I blame to then be blamed. I shame to be ashamed
I wish I could forget all me

You can't erase your memory cuz you're no PC
Accept the wrong you've done to see you becoming free
And count the wins that came around when you felt so down
Sometimes you better stop and make it count

I'm not a saint I tend to show
Still waters run oh deep, you know

I've felt this way before
Escaped to be ashore
But still I'm in this sea so fake

Track Name: Good Night
Goodbye, see you overnight
In your eyes I might notice a sparkle of life

And now it lights me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2
It lights me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2

Goodbye, I'll say it's before it's time to fly
Good night
Again there's something inside

I don't wanna hide
Oooh oooh oooh x2
Don't wanna hide
Oooh oooh oooh x2

Good day
See you when you're OK and all for me
Good day
Good bye

Please light me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2
Come light me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2
Please light me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2
Come light me up
Oooh oooh oooh x2
Track Name: Flare (feat. Nata Smirina)
Talk to me, don't make a move, just last longer and
Take me down to the shore where things are still
Everything that we'll share, we'll build on our own
And bless the gates to our house on this hill

As we turn away, we redefine
Ooh ooh we're never alone
And that glare will flare and show us our home

Talk to me, let's totally walk past all the lines
Oh we are infinite so we say
Please forget about the time, don't be reckoning
Numbers lie you know all of that

Chorus x4
Track Name: World Of Fire
Hold your breath and see if it will end
It's gone too far and there's nothing that would mend
Feel so alone, who the hell is here with me?
When I'm needing just someone to at least save me from me

Well alright let it be this way
I don't wanna change here anything
Let it go like this, let it go like that oh

I'm living in a world of fire drenching in the rain
Letting none of my desires stay
I'm living in a world so dire antheming the pain
Waving to a boat that's sailed away

Take it in and imagine all the best
As the pain from the pin is gonna last
I feel so dumb, can I have a soulmate?
While I'm needing just someone to restrain me from this hate





Track Name: Music
As if everything's gone wrong
Here I'm writing again a new song
It's always been the best way out for me
To express the shit I feel
With the music it's getting more real
And the music makes my heart squeal

Ooh yea-yeah
Ooh yea-yeah
Ooh yeah-yea-yea-yea-yeah x2

As my heart is not so strong
Here I'm writing again a new song
It's the only thing that I could put my trust into
'Cause no person here on earth's gonna pay you as much as you're worth
None but music x3


Oooh oooh oooh yea-yea-yeah

Just one more sound to tear away from what's been holding me down
Just one more sound to flee away

Chorus x3
Track Name: Peace Within
I've tried you know I've tried
But it's sometimes not right
Could that be my own mistake or ours?

Some said it's impossible
But I've been all 'round world
And I've found this place of mine in my heart
Where I can bloom

It's in me, inside of me
So peaceful within
Can't think of another way
To feel this peace within

I've tried you know I've tried
But it's sometimes not right
Could that be my own mistake or ours?
It don't matter now

Track Name: Kings And Queens
What's handed on a tray for all of us
It's never just the same
The way the deck is tossed
We find and then we lose
This law of life we can't refuse

What's handed on a tray right for us all
It could be anything before you know
All gold becomes sometimes a priceless thing
And winners that are bet on just at all don't win

Those who get kings and queens
And those who get all the least
Won't hold'em, oh won't hold'em till the final feast

I never had too much
Life chose it so
Can't say I was deprived
But I wanted more

And looking out the window of my room at times
I watched my friends play with their daddies
And wondered what was wrong with mine


No matter if you have no home
Or if you really have it all
It's more a matter of just where you go
And who is there for you to always tell you so

Those who get kings and queens
And those who get all the least
Just hold'em, oh just hold'em and you'll get the gist
Track Name: Skeletons (feat. Anastasia Sukhanova)
I'm not gonna take the blame I always say
It's never my fault, it's nothing I could be
No closet around for me to store it deep
For it wouldn't hold down all the skeletons I keep

It's never easy to make me see
It may take time until it comes to me
And in the end I won't know what to say
The reason is hidden in me
So please don't disbelieve

Like dried up a tree is asking for some rain
I've been looking for a way to soothe the pain
No preacher will help as no wise enough one here
So that he could come and tell me how to fight my fear

But believe.
Track Name: Thanks For Those Times
I wanna go, she said but wasn't ready yet
And neither was I
Loved the way we moved, we were too self-assured
Walking closed-eyed

We never did appreciate our feelings and

We learned the world was too much salt
We got astray but still we managed to survive
I do believe she will receive
Only the good from all the times we spent all right
Thanks for those times

I wanna stay, she said but didn't get it yet
And neither did I
Working hard we knew together we could do
Everything so fine

But it didn't even cost a dime
We're free now and




Thanks for those times x2